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Surveyors Associates Studio

Danilo Giovannini and Giuseppe Morena

This Associates Studio was established in 2010 by the surveyors Danilo Giovannini and Giuseppe Morena to provide a reliable, serious and professional response taking utmost care and attention in topography (in all its scope), civic and industrial buildings survey, cadastral transactions, architectural design, consultancy and practice in the real estate management, assets and maintenance.

Among other activities the technical office pays special attention to the 3d Laser Scanner Technology that allows to describe in detail each object to the real survey needs.

The Studio has efficient and innovative tools and instruments; in addition to its proved experience and the high-level competencies of the staff group, it is able to provide professional services to meet all needs.

The Studio has also an appropriate organisation to provide services in any territorial area.


  • The 3d Laser Scanner
  • Surveys and Topographic Tracks
  • Catastrophe Practices
  • Expertise and Consultancy
  • Rules of Condominium
  • Succession Declaration
  • Construction Supervision
  • Design


2017 46%

2016 83%

2015 100%

2014 100%

2013 100%

2012 100%

2011 100%

2010 100%


The 3d Laser Scanner Technology makes it possible to obtain a geo-coded and geometrically correct point cloud for the detected object. The exceptional amount and quality of shortly acquired data provides a very high resolution relief and full of additional information. The combined action of 3d Laser Scanner accuracy and photo images makes the relief complete and realistic with the possibility of exporting the necessary data in order to obtain the exact morphology of the product/object in the most significant parts and to display them three-dimensionally. The purpose of the 3d Laser Scanner relief is creating a digital 3d model as close as possible to the reality of the scan object, to obtain design/ restoration/preservation studies.


Office: +39 0744 27.88.51
Danilo Giovannini: +39 339 19.57.090
Giuseppe Morena: +39 334 30.59.369


9:00-13:00 / 15:00-19:00
Monday through Friday


Viale Gioacchino Rossini, 73
05100 – Terni (TR)