The Laser Scanner 3D

The 3d Laser Scanner Technology makes it possible to obtain a geo-coded and geometrically correct point cloud for the detected object. The exceptional amount and quality of shortly acquired data provides a very high resolution relief and full of additional information. The combined action of 3d Laser Scanner accuracy and photo images makes the relief complete and realistic with the possibility of exporting the necessary data in order to obtain the exact morphology of the product/object in the most significant parts and to display them three-dimensionally. The purpose of the 3d Laser Scanner relief is creating a digital 3d model as close as possible to the reality of the scan object, to obtain design/ restoration/preservation studies.


The 3D Laser Scanner Applications


Architecture, Civil Engineering, Protection of Cultural Goods and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The point cloud, calibrated and configured properly, allows to display the information not easily detectable to the naked eye and by traditional tools; it also allows to highlight any critical elements; in the same way it can proceed with the direct analysis of the building, of its construction elements, materials and processing techniques, as well as deterioration and instability. Moreover the scanner-created point cloud can be integrated with 3d CAD Modeling System and Building Information Modeling (BIM) achieving high quality results with less waste of money and time.


Interior design

The creation of a precise and detailed 3d virtual environment, with all its inside elements, for interior and furniture design.


Topography, geology and monitoring

The resulting point cloud enables to create digital territorial models (DTM), mathematical models for measuring surfaces (mesh), contour lines, ortho-photos as well as any other useful and necessary element for landslides/quarries/landfills monitoring , volumes calculation and earth movements.


Engineering, infrastructure and industrial sector and Facility Management

Graphic illustration of the point cloud for 3d civil and industrial infrastructures relief, as well as 3d mechanical components reproduction . In the very complex industrial sites, the point cloud capture combined with dedicated application software programs allows to obtain a 3d and digital model, faithful to the existing plant facilities (supporting structures, pipelines, technological plants, etc), preparatory for the checking, reconstruction and/or integration of the plants.


Shipbuilding industry

The point cloud capture allows to obtain 3d detailed reproductions of the entire hulls and/or individual ship components for quality control, assembly checks, design and maintenance.


Crime scenes and incidents

Fast and complete 3d acquisition of details in crime scenes that might be the key for the following crime reconstruction.